Unravel-er. Bone-Singer. Remember-er.  

Dr. Maria Mae McNash

Chiropractic Wellness Physician

Dr. Maria McNash is a passionate advocate of health and well being. She enjoys participating in the many ways people can heal. Different healing modalities work for different people. She is well trained in diverse styles to help meet your wellness needs.

Dr. Maria McNash is a passionate advocate of health and well being.  After graduating massage school in 2004, Dr. McNash worked at a wellness clinic in Taos, NM that inspired her to pursue chiropractic medicine.  After receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology she then went on to receive her chiropractic degree in 2012.  

Dr. McNash employs a wide variety of techniques in order to best help you meet your wellness goals. Techniques that Dr. McNash utilizes are as follows: diversified chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted adjustments (with activator, drop piece, or blocking), Graston Technique, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, intra-oral muscle release, visceral massage, N.E.T. therapy, flower essences, cupping therapy, internal pelvic floor therapy, k-taping, nutrition counseling, and individual prescriptive home exercises. 

Taos, NM

Taos, NM

A Wisconsin native who traveled to New Mexico for massage school and then to Oregon for chiropractic school, Dr. McNash enjoys sharing her time in the 3 places she calls home.  Dr. McNash holds her chiropractic license in both Oregon and Wisconsin and enjoys practicing in both locations.  When Dr. McNash is not in the treatment room you may find her playing ping pong, salsa dancing, in a cold plunge, throwing clay on the wheel, or barbell training.