“Dr. Maria has been treating me for a few years now and I must say that I love the work we’ve done together. Whether it was a bruised pec from judo, a strained neck from drying off after a shower (yea, can you believe it?! Such an old dude), or balancing my 3rd chakra to make sure I’m my best self, she’s always had me walking out of her office feeling whole again. I can’t recommend her treatment enough to anyone who wants to be their 100%.” -JDW

"Severe chronic nerve pain can be exhausting and demoralizing.  It can grind you down and hollow you out.  After mine had whittled my ability to work and to live my actual life down to practically nothing, I came to feel like the best and only thing I could expect from a day was to manage pain--minute by minute, hours at a time.  Eventually I found myself wondering why I even bothered.    Tomorrow wasn't going to be any better…
But it was.
Dr. Maria was able to relieve the immediate pain of my TMJD--and by addressing the old physical and emotional traumas that were the root causes of the condition, helped me find a lot of ways to keep my body (and the rest of me) in better balance.    
She's quite knowledgeable and capable, but so warm and so humble that if you're not careful, you'll leave the session believing, as she says, that you're the one who did all the hard work.  She's fierce and she's fun, and has that rare ability to balance kindness and empathy with the no-nonsense practicality and ruthlessness that's sometimes needed to untangle tangled things, and put the pieces of you back where they belong.
She is a healer.  No doubt."

-John R.

"I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Maria for about 5 years.   She is both intuitive and skilled in her practice.  No two treatments have ever been the same.  Dr. Maria taps into the emotional, structural, and physical body and finds a way to access stored or stagnant energy and release it through a variety of different techniques.  She understands that there is a connection between the body and the spirit and treats her clients holistically. Every time I leave her office I feel as though I got adequate time in quantity and quality.  She treats you like a human, not a patient, and genuinely wants the best for you.  I will never see anyone else.  I am a lifer.  Dr. Maria is THE Best in the business at healing and treating the body."  

-Kim Stout, Personal Trainer and Running Coach

"I highly recommend Dr. Maria McNash as a chiropractor.  Due to the recent retirement of my chiropractor, I was spending time and money trying to find a new practitioner.  This year was an exceptionally 'bad back year', and when I found Dr. McNash her soft tissue and chiropractic adjustments gave me immediate relief.  The key was her mastery of soft tissue, allowing adjustments to work more efficiently and last longer! You can't go wrong with Dr. McNash.  Her skills with soft tissue and chiropractic adjustments are the new paradigm in health care.  Thank you Dr.!

-Dr. Dan Wadzinski, DDS

"Maria is amazing.  She is technically a chiropractor, but she is so much more.  I had some very long standing misalignment issues that I thought were just not fixable.  Maria is deeply intuitive and did more soft tissue and muscle work the first couple of sessions, using muscle testing to verify her findings every step of the way.  I left the first visit unable to believe how much easier I could breathe.  After the second session, my shoulder pain was notably less...and stayed that way.  After the third session, she did a few very pointed and precise manipulations (none of that cracking your whole spine business), I actually had more rib motion.  During the 4th session, she adjusted an area of my neck that has never held in the past...and what do you know, it's still held 4 days later.  She is amazing and is able to bring about very deep healing in others due to all the work she has done on her self.  She's grounded, unpretentious, humble, and so kind.  I can't recommend her enough."

-Nari C.  

"I went to get treated by Dr. Maria because I was having trouble with my shoulder locking up. I have never felt someone so in tune with what was going on with my body. Every time I would think in my head, "Oh, I feel something right there" the next thing I knew she adjusted me right in the very same spot. I felt like she was reading my mind, it was the best experience I have ever had with a chiropractor, and she fixed my shoulder. I would recommend her to everyone. She is one of the best out there and is so committed to getting you feeling good and back to functioning normally- I am so thankful to have met her!"

-Kristin S.  

"I’ve been working with Dr. Maria for over four years. She has supported me through two herniated discs, one surgery, and a whole lot of healing. She is a true partner and advocate, as well as an inspiration to step more fully into my best health and self.  Dr. Maria is a truly remarkable healer and her energy is contagious! No matter what is going on in my life or with my body, Dr. Maria facilitates flow so that whatever needs to be released can go, and I can move forward more easily.  Dr. Maria would be on my dream team to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Every session is life changing in some way. I always walk away feeling better in my body and more like myself. I don’t have words to express what a huge impact she’s had in my life."


"When I was first referred to Dr. Maria, I was informed that she practiced an extensive list of modalities. As I began to fill out my health history form, it quickly became clear that this practitioner was one that would truly see you - mind, body and spirit. After our first appointment, it was evident that she treats in a dedicated, intuitive, and holistic manner. Not only does she create a safe space for one to truly expose the root of their discomfort and/or pain, but she facilitates the integration of this process with authentic intention. Dr. Maria has been a pivotal person in supporting me in a return to my body, thus myself. If you bring willingness, she will bring her wisdom. After one meeting, it was made clear that Dr. Maria is truly a healer."


"Until I started working with Maria, I had no idea what benefits I’d receive from
seeing a gifted chiropractor who supports my active (and accident prone) life.
With all the biking, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, golfing—you name it—come
the pulled muscles, ribs knocked out of place, that funny pain in the shoulder
radiating down the arm; if you’re active, you get it. We’ve laughed together as I’m on her table, receiving therapy while I explain the latest SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Board) mis-hap on the river. What I’ve found in Maria is a skilled partner who keeps my body mechanics in order, and gets me ready for the next outdoor adventure.
On a deeper level, Maria has tackled the years of migraine and recurring sinus
infections I’ve endured—maladies to which my body is particularly susceptible. In
this too, Maria has worked to keep me well and alleviate the symptoms and
source of systemic weaknesses. It’s been a long work of patience and
understanding, learning my physical and emotional reactions to our dreary
winters, to stress, to overwork--the conditions of modern life.
Maria is a trustworthy, empathetic, and creative healer. She is a student of her
discipline, reinforcing her years of experience with ongoing training in
methodology and treatment. She’s allowed me to follow the bliss of an active life
even at middle-age when the pains and tweaks might have given pause and
slowed me down. Instead, I try to stay in shape, pursue balance and joy, and call
Maria when I fall off my bike!"


"How lucky can a girl get?  Dr. Maria was "home" in Madison and I got to see her yesterday.  Being a recipient of her healing was truly a spiritual experience.  My body was waiting for someone who could read it and she has that innate capability.  If you're in Portland, you must see her.  I'll be waiting for her to return to Wisconsin in six months for my next appointment."

-Jan S.