“Imagine an accomplished Massage therapist, a Chiropractor who actually listens, and an enthusiastic Life-Coach all rolled into one spirited being.  You just scratched the surface of what it is like working with Dr. Maria.”  -K.B.  

“No two people are exactly the same, therefore no two treatments with Dr. Maria are exactly the same.  She sees you with fresh eyes each and every session meeting you exactly where you are at.  Then she helps assist you to where you wish to go- physically, athletically, energetically… all of the above!” -S.T.  

“Dr. Maria has helped me to increase my physical performance in sports and athletic endeavors.  By opting for self-care sessions every couple of months, it greatly enhances my lifestyle and overall well-being. Prior to working with Dr. Maria, I had no idea how much better my body could feel and perform overall!” -M.B. 


As a Holistic Chiropractor, Dr. McNash helps patients achieve their desired outcomes for their bodies.  Pain is not a desired outcome for the body.  It is a message that something is out of balance.  Dr. McNash helps to assist the body back into balance. 

"My goal is World Peace.  The Dalai Lama said so eloquently:  “World Peace begins with Inner Peace.” It is my hope by helping to assist people back to their own inner state of peace, together we can create actual world peace." -Dr. Maria McNash

What does helping people with their own inner state of peace look like?  First it tends to look like getting people out of pain and addressing injury.  Pain and injury are typical ways the body presents imbalance- in other words it is a way of getting your attention.
Dr. McNash discerns the Root of the imbalance and then administers the remedy that best suits recovery.  

Dr. Maria helps to facilitate an increased state of peace by assisting people in reaching their exterior and/or interior goals.  For example goals can range from simply being pain-free to being able to self express more freely.
Or perhaps it is assisting breath, allowing, or attuning you to your body’s own rhythm… It is can be different for everyone.  Dr. Maria meets each individual where they are at and helps to assist them to where they wish to go.  

Dr. Maria utilizes a technique called muscle testing that facilitates rapport with your internal physician.  The internal physician is sometimes referred to as the organic, or authentic Self.  It is your innate intelligence… the part that wishes to be well.  
She works as an interface helping to discover what your body is saying and then translate it to you.  Ultimately you hold the Wisdom of what is best for you and your body conveys that.

Sometimes the body needs an adjustment, other times muscle work.  Perhaps it needs specific work like addressing a trigger point or maybe it needs general work- like a deep tissue massage to the lower back or neck.  Conceivably it may need the emotional or mental body addressed before moving forward with physical release.  Possibly it needs healthy movement in the form of different stretches required for proper muscle balance. 
What Dr. McNash finds exciting is that each treatment is different for everyone.  Dr. McNash offers Personalized Holistic Health Care.  She sees the entire being- not just your body and not just your mind.  Sessions hold a space for the totality of you and You reserve the right to be an evolution every time you walk through the door.  

“If you bring Willingness, she will bring her Wisdom.”  -C.D.  

Healing takes a willingness.  A will, a wish, a desire…. The more desire you have to experience your own Wholeness, the more you will take away from your sessions together.